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Outdoor Solutions

From your pool service(s) to multiple outdoor service(s), DTS is here to help. If we can't do it, we will refer a company that can. It is our goal to make your outdoor spaces, clean, safe and a retreat for you, your family and friends.

Call for more information or questions about our Outdoor Solutions. 


  • Outdoor Lighting (troubleshooting, diagnostics, repairs, upgrades, installs, etc.)

  • Water Efficient Solutions (sprinkler upgrades, drip line upgrades, "water-saving" ideas, etc.)

  • Technical Help (watering schedules, timer programming, planting ideas, landscape questions, etc.) 

  • Irrigation Repairs (troubleshooting, diagnostics, timers, sprinklers, drip systems, valves, etc.)

  • Irrigation Installs (drip systems, sprinklers, valves, etc.)

  • Water Features (troubleshooting, diagnostics, cleaning, maintenance, pump replacement, etc.)

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